Yuzhou QiFang Superhard tools boosting Australian manufacturing – Enter the Australia Hardware Tools & Grinding Expo

Yuzhou QiFang Superhard tools boosting Australian manufacturing – Enter the Australia Hardware Tools & Grinding Expo

Yuzhou QiFang Superhard Meterial Products Co., Ltd. will soon be on the stage of the Australia Hardware Tools & Grinding Expo. As a leading innovative force in the industry, Yuzhou Qifang will showcase their latest innovative solutions, lead the industry to a new height, and continue to explore future tool trends.


Yuzhou Qifang Superhard Material Products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focused on the research and development, production, sales, and international trade of vacuum brazing diamond tools. The company has domestically advanced large and medium-sized vacuum brazing furnaces, intelligent robots, and multiple production lines, as well as two environmentally  environmental automatic spraying lines and a comprehensive set of testing equipment. Currently, the company’s products are divided into six categories, covering over 180 varieties, which are widely used in various industries such as steel and concrete construction, steel casting, automotive, stone processing, electronics, aviation, emergency rescue, and fire protection. As essential tools for modern industrial development, superhard products have significant advantages in terms of safety, environmental friendliness, sharpness, and efficiency.


About ATGE

The Australia Hardware Tools & Grinding Expo (ATGE) 2023 will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia from December 4th to 6th, 2023. The online booth selection for this exhibition in the China region is now open. Company samples have been gradually shipped to Brisbane and local promotion has begun in advance. It is also possible to entrust the delivery of samples to customers.


The advantage of the Australian market lies in its high consumption and large demand. The population of 28 million supports a vast hardware tools and grinding market. With the upcoming hosting of the Olympics in Queensland in 9 years, infrastructure construction will continue to increase. As an immigrant country, Australia is known for its inclusiveness. It is believed that there will be new opportunities in the market in 10 years.


It can be said that Australia is a blue ocean market for high-end abrasive and grinding tool products. If you are confident in the quality of your products, it is worth showcasing them in the Australian market and seizing the opportunity to shine.


At the same time, please trust the professionalism of ABRASIVESTOCKS. We will prepare and plan the next step for you to explore the Australian market.

Now, the ATGE is ongoing inviting exhibitors, with more than 30 companies already registered. This exhibition also attracts many hardware tool and grinding enterprises from around the world, at that time, Chinese enterprises will have more opportunities to discuss and cooperate with outstanding global brands.


Continuous exhibition invitation is ongoing

Exhibition Name: Australia Hardware Tools & Grinding Expo (ATGE)

Exhibition Dates: December 4-6, 2023

Exhibition Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia

Contact MOKU: Bai Ning – 18595805333, Song Yuning – 19138192120



ABRASIVESTOCKS has been committed to helping excellent Chinese companies go global for many years. Whether it’s overseas directories, export hosting, overseas warehouses, or Abrasivestocks Exhibition Online, it is all aimed at making the world aware of our excellent Chinese abrasive and grinding tool brands.


First of all, ABRASIVESTOCKS has accumulated a vast overseas database.


Secondly, ABRASIVESTOCKS thinking aligns with internationalized enterprises, and we aim to help Chinese companies expand globally. Internationalizing a brand means not only introducing the product to foreign countries but also gaining recognition and achieving localization. Additionally, ABRASIVESTOCKS has offices in Australia and Germany, enabling seamless connections with local companies. Furthermore, ABRASIVESTOCKS has established a localized exhibition in Australia – the Australia Hardware Tools & Grinding Expo, and has made improvements to the exhibition. Enterprises coming here not only participate in the exhibition but ABRASIVESTOCKS will also  match buyer preferences with the local market in the future.

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