Jasen Printing helps Australian manufacturing – Enter the Australian Hardware tool grinding exhibition

Jasen Printing helps Australian manufacturing – Enter the Australian Hardware tool grinding exhibition

Zhengzhou Jasen Printing Co., Ltd. will participate in the Hardware Tool & Grinding Expo in Australia from December 4 to 6, 2023, and communicate with potential customers and partners to share their unique technology and product advantages.

About Company

Zhengzhou Jasen Printing Co., Ltd.  was formerly known as: Zhengzhou 81021 Army printing factory, founded in 1983. Focus on the research and development, production and sales of resin grinding wheel hot pressing trademarks.

Main products: (hot pressing trademark) Organic high solid color hot pressing trademark. The product is currently a domestic blank, with four national invention and creation patents, a number of utility models, a high technical content, broad application prospects.

Four decades of development of Jasen

First. The year of 1983

The first trademark of hot pressed grinding wheel was born in Jasen; At that time, the grinding wheel industry caused a sensation in the country, and was awarded by the Ministry of Machinery Industry. Since then, it has opened the road to the development of China’s hot pressing wheel brand.


Semi-automatic relief printing

Grinding wheel trademark from the monotonous silver black, silver red to color change; Because the inks on the market at that time are basically not resistant to high temperature, so every increase in a color has to pay a lot of hard work and effort!


Third. 1987-1997

Fully automatic letterpress printing

In 1991, in order to better serve customers, but also for better development, Jasen moved from Zhoukou city, Henan Province to the provincial capital of Zhengzhou; In the same year, we purchased 4 sets of fully automatic letterpress presses, which opened the road to the development of the abrasive abrasives industry in China!


Fourth. 1997-2002

Transition from relief printing to offset printing and flexo printing

Thanks to the impact of reform and opening up, the abrasive abrasive industry has entered a stage of rapid development, the quality and output of the existing process can not meet the market demand, in order to meet the market, Jasen has developed two new printing processes at the same time, has made a major breakthrough, but also opened the grinding wheel trademark colorful era!


Fifth. 2002-2006

Offset, flexo, screen printing

In 2002, it invested 5 million yuan to build a new factory in the West Third Ring Road of Zhengzhou and added two production lines. In 2004, in order to cater to the European and American markets, Jingsen developed a new printing process – screen printing, and obtained a number of national invention patents.



UV offset printing, UV flexo printing, screen printing, multi-process mixed printing

In order to meet market requirements, the company decided to expand production, in 2016 in Rongyang Liuhe town to build a new plant (annual output of 900 million hot pressed trademark project), a total investment of 35 million yuan; The output value is expected to be 30 million yuan in 2023.


After 40 years of development and technology precipitation, Jingsen has become a domestic technology is more complete, and quite a large scale of hot pressing wheel trademark manufacturers.

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