Why Choose ATGE? Why Enter the Australian Market? (Series One: Potential)

Why Choose ATGE? Why Enter the Australian Market? (Series One: Potential)

Introducing a comprehensive overview of the Australian market, helping you enter the new blue ocean of abrasives, tools, and hardware.

Potential Highlights

1.Stable Economic Environment: Australia is renowned for its stable economic environment, with a robust legal system and political stability. This provides businesses with a reliable commercial environment conducive to long-term investment and sustained growth.

2.High Consumer Power: Australians have high purchasing power and a preference for high-quality products. This creates a potential high-demand market for hardware tools and abrasives.

3.Demand for Quality Products: The Australian market places a strong emphasis on quality and reliability. They prioritize the use of high-quality hardware tools and abrasives to ensure work efficiency and safety. This presents an opportunity for suppliers offering high-quality products. Currently, the majority of hardware tools and grinding products in the country are dominated by international brands from Europe, the US, and Japan, such as Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, STANLEY, BOSCH, OZITO, SAINT GOBAIN, PFERD, 3M, and some Chinese OEM products.

4.Specialized Industry Market: The Australian market is highly specialized, with the hardware tools and building materials sector being a significant market comparable to daily consumer goods. For example, the largest hardware tools retail chain supermarket in Australia achieved sales of up to 85 billion RMB last year. The Australian hardware tools and abrasives market is interested in technological innovation and new products. By participating in trade shows, businesses have the opportunity to showcase the latest technologies and solutions, meet market demands, and establish connections with potential partners.

5.Advantageous Geographical Location: Australia, as a geographically advantaged country, serves as one of the gateway to the Asia-Pacific region. It maintains close trade and business connections with Asian countries, particularly in the hardware tools and abrasives field. Participating in Australian trade shows can provide businesses with opportunities to enter the Asia-Pacific market.

6.Government Support and Encouragement: The Australian government actively supports innovation and industry development, providing various forms of financial and legal incentives. This offers additional support for businesses to succeed in the Australian market.

7.Positive Impact of the Olympics: As the host of the upcoming Olympic Games, Brisbane will bring international exposure and visibility to the Australian market, driving growth and development in related industries.

In terms of infrastructure construction, Brisbane will undergo significant infrastructure development and improvements, including investments in venues, transportation, accommodation, and more. This will provide abundant business opportunities and cooperation prospects for industries related to hardware tools and abrasives.

Economically, hosting the Olympics will inject significant stimulus into the Australian economy. Large investments and activities will bring employment opportunities, business activity growth, and increased consumer demand. This will provide a thriving business environment for industries such as hardware tools and abrasives.

Furthermore, hosting the Olympics will leave lasting legacy effects, including newly constructed venues, upgraded urban infrastructure, and increased tourism attractiveness. This will bring sustained development and business opportunities to the Australian market, offering long-term growth potential for hardware tools and abrasives industries.

Regarding the trade show:

Trade Show Name: Australia Hardware Tools & Grinding Expo (ATGE)

Date: December 4th – 6th, 2023

Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Center, Queensland, Australia

Contact Numbers: Bai Ning: +8618595805333, Yu Ning: +8619138192120

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