ATGE Brings New Opportunities to Australian Manufacturing and Builds a Bridge for China-Australia Cooperation

ATGE Brings New Opportunities to Australian Manufacturing and Builds a Bridge for China-Australia Cooperation

ATGE, Australia Hardware Tools & Grinding Expo, will open at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center on December 4th.
    ABRASIVESTOCKS cooperated with the China Hardware Association to open the International Hardware Tool Grinding Expo in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia, to inject vitality into the Australian tool and grinding field. This international show is also supported by the Australian Hardware Association and Australian Hardware Magazine.
    “Seven months ago, we established the Australian branch in Brisbane. In the past five years, ABRASIVESTOCKS has established itself in Zhengzhou, the capital of grinding in China, and is a well-known F2B platform for the grinding industry chain in China. In the past five years, we have provided services for the Chinese supply chain Serving more than 30,000 abrasives companies, handling millions of tons of abrasive inventory, and playing a unique role in facilitating global communication between abrasive producers and buyers.”
    Talking about the motivation for setting up a subsidiary in Australia, Dever Yang, CEO of Abrasivestocks, mentioned: “By setting up a subsidiary here, we have the opportunity to introduce the best Chinese grinding tool brand and its supply chain capabilities into the Australian market and support Australian manufacturing. And promote in-depth cooperation and exchanges between China and Australia.”
     Dever further explained why Australia was chosen as the location for the expansion, and the goals he set after forming the company. “We know that Queensland’s resources and material base are world-renowned. The state government is vigorously attracting new materials, new energy, and innovative manufacturing companies to support Queensland’s manufacturing industry. Brisbane, as the capital of Queensland, “Brisbane is a fast A developing city, especially the Olympic Games is coming, we hope to be a participant in the growth of Brisbane, help more enterprises in the industrial chain, show the development of Brisbane to the world, and attract more entrepreneurs to contribute to the progress of Queensland Contribute to Made in Australia. “
 “I firmly believe that the introduction of Chinese high-quality grinding products and automated grinding production equipment to Australia will provide more choices and opportunities for local manufacturers and investors.” Dever said. “This will strengthen the economic cooperation between China and Australia and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Embracing globalization is the general trend. Of course, we welcome more Australian manufacturing entrepreneurs to come to China, to my hometown, Zhengzhou, the grinding capital”
    “ATGE is a bridge between Australian and Chinese enterprises, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation, especially in the “hardware tools and grinding industry. This will also strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between Queensland and Henan Province. said Dever Yang.
    When explaining how companies can benefit from ATGE, Dever added: “ABRASIVESTOCKS focuses on cutting, grinding, and polishing, and ATGE is an international display platform for hardware tool grinding and radiating its industrial chain to construction. Excellent companies from different countries provide an international communication platform, stimulate two-way cooperation, and strengthen knowledge exchange and cooperation between Australian and Chinese manufacturing industries. Both countries are investing heavily in manufacturing development.”
    During the exhibition in December, many tool and grinding manufacturers will gather in Brisbane. In 2024, ATGE will also select 10-20 companies from among the Australian exhibitors who participated in the exhibition this year. The whole process is free, and a group will go to China to investigate the increasingly excellent Chinese grinding manufacturing.
    In the end, Dever explained that Australia’s policy of revitalizing the manufacturing industry is highly compatible with China’s high-quality development strategy. Of course, it also includes emphasizing high-tech manufacturing and investing in technology and equipment upgrades. “Chinese tool and grinding manufacturers can also gain insight into Australia’s capabilities in automation and energy efficiency. This mutual learning and cooperation can stimulate the development of manufacturing industries in both countries, and ultimately promote the growth of their respective manufacturing industries.”
    ATGE will be another international hardware and tools fair in the southern hemisphere and the fifth largest grinding exhibition in the world.

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