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As the Hangzhou Asian Games approaches, Yiwu, known as the “World Supermarket,” is also reaping the benefits of the Asian Games economy.
The growth in market orders has put Yiwu’s manufacturing enterprises in a “preparation” state. As the Asian Games draw nearer, companies are scrambling to seize the opportunity and rushing to fulfill orders. It is reported that some businesses have already scheduled orders for November.

Similarly, Brisbane, taking advantage of the growing economy of sporting events, is gradually witnessing the benefits it brings.
As the host city of the 2032 Olympics, Brisbane’s infrastructure development will drive the consumption growth of abrasive tools and consumables.

Olympic Games boost demand for abrasive tools: With the 2023 Olympic Games in Brisbane approaching, the peak period of infrastructure construction is gradually approaching. This will bring significant growth in consumer demand for the abrasive tools industry. Seizing this rare business opportunity, Chinese abrasive tools companies can establish partnerships with local Australian enterprises to share the Olympic feast.

Exploring the Australian market: Australia, as one of the world’s developed economies, has enormous market potential, especially in its flourishing hardware industry, which provides development opportunities for the abrasive tools industry. Participating in the “Australia Hardware Tool & Grinding Expo (ATGE) 2023” will allow Chinese abrasive tools companies to gain deep insights into local market demand and development trends. Engaging in face-to-face communication with Australian companies, exploring collaboration opportunities, will lay a solid foundation for the international development of businesses.

Technological innovation and win-win collaboration: Alongside participation in the exhibition, abrasive tools companies will gather with global hardware tool and abrasive tool industry experts and entrepreneurs. They will share the latest technological innovations, discuss industry development trends, and seek opportunities for cooperation and mutual benefit. It is an excellent platform to directly interact, learn, and collaborate with industry leaders.

Stay tuned to “Abrasivestocks” to obtain more exhibition-related information and participation benefits. Let’s prepare for the Brisbane Olympics and embrace the business opportunities of the Australia Hardware Tool & Grinding Expo (ATGE).


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