Product Category

Grinding wheels, Polishing wheels, Sand mills, Sandblasting machines, Finishing machines, Lapping machines

Cultivated diamonds, Alloy tools, Knives, Diamond superhard grinding, cutting, drilling, and polishing tools

Abrasive cloth, Sandpaper, Abrasive belts, Conversion products, Special-shaped coated products, Fine polishing series products, Supporting equipment

Cemented carbide and superhard cutting tools, Cutting grinding wheels and accessories, Cutting equipment

Welding machines, Laser cutting machines, Crushing and grinding machines, Sandblasting machines, Finishing machines, Surface treatment equipment, Grinding robots

Sandblasting and finishing materials, Fine grinding tools

Companies interested in seeking Australian partners

Door and window hardware locks, Floor springs, Door closers, Door handles, Door stoppers, Window controls, Slide rails, Hinges, Gas springs, Handles, Bolts, Light steel keels, Fasteners, Wire nail mesh, Various metal meshes, Valves

Veneer tile, Commode, Ceramic tiles, Building glass, Bathtub

Processing and manufacturing equipment, Mechanical and electrical products, Metal cutting tools, Laser cutting machines, Grinding robots, Fastener production equipment, Crushers and mills, Vertical sand mills, Vibrating screens, Refrigerating machines, Particle size measuring instruments, Ovens, Meat grinders, Hydropresses, Grinding machines, Grinders, Flap disc machines, Disinfection cabinets, Dishwashing machines, Grinding wheels, Cutting and grinding wheel making machines, Crushers, Blenders, Biometric devices

Hand tools (wrench, pliers, screwdriver, level, saw, ruler, knife), Electric tools (drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, planers), Pneumatic tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, spray guns, nail pulling guns, cap pulling guns, shovels, hammers)

Processing and manufacturing equipment

Garden maintenance and pruning products, Wrought iron products, Garden leisure products, Barbecue products

Gloves, Protective clothing, Goggles, Anti-static boots

Decorative machinery, Solar energy installations and ancillary products

Mechanical locks, Electronic locks, Smart door locks

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